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A brasserie-style restaurant sitting on the edge of the iconic Spitalfields Market, 65a offers an elegant yet uncomplicated menu of classic dishes, peppered with French inflections, in a nod to the area’s rich and diverse history. 65A consists of two bars and dining areas spread across two floors with a spacious outside dining area inside Spitalfields Market.

The menu of classic French fare celebrates the quality of the raw ingredients through simple yet skilful cookery. Diners are encouraged to take their time over meals at 65A and, with convivial feasting in mind, there are a number sharing dishes at the centre of the menu. Whole grilled native lobster and Free-range rotisserie chicken, are prepared with uncompromising care and attention, allowing the quality of the ingredients to shine. There is also be a selection of small plates and individual mains for guests to devour.

Enjoy a neighbourhood restaurant that brings laid-back, French-inspired dining to the heart of East London.

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